GR-55 - Sound of normal guitar is heard thru L or R Output jack

Started by Skysearcher, October 31, 2013, 07:29:28 AM

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Quoteand the on/off box for Normal Pickup is already ON.

Click the on/off box for Normal Pickup, and  Turn it OFF


Ignore previous post. That's it! Thanks 1,000,000! Problem solved. . .



Reading through these replies for editing the patches to allow the normal pickup to pass through unaffected, but keep in mind that another option is the "two cable" method I use where I don't plug in the 6" patch cable from the normal output to the GK3 pickup.  I run a normal guitar cable for my passive analogue path to the tube amp, and the 13 pin from the GK3 to the GR55 with no potential cross contamination. 

I have been editing my patches to use the expression pedal for synth patch volume and then my guitar's volume knob controls my electric guitar so I can easily switch back and forth or blend them together (I'm usually using my Boomerang Loop Station so easily switching between the instruments I'm stacking is essential).


When using GR-55 at live gig I typically run two cables from my guitar, and only use the GK 13 pin cable for synth use only
1/4" cable feeds my normal guitar rig.

The GR-55 patch to patch change audio mute prevents me considering using the GR-55 for my only FX box 


I have a godin xtsa and I run the mag pup direct to the tube amp, the piezo pup to a VL3 and then the PA and the 13 pin to the GR55. 3 cables out of the guitar can be challenging and looks a bit weird but the real fun is in chasing the ground loops.


I've just acquired a GC-1 and was going mad trying to work out why I couldn't get the native guitar sound only on the three-way switch! I thought I had a faulty guitar until I checked with a VG-99 (it worked) and then read this thread... it looks like the key is to use one of those existing patches such as 30-1 as a basis for building new ones. Ridiculous, but that's Roland for you...

Just going to add that the GC-1 is one cracking instrument. Gorgeous neck, ridiculously playable – it's a better instrument than quite a few of the MIAs that I've played. And the normal pickups sound bloody good too.