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Started by Jim Wintringham, October 22, 2013, 06:10:20 AM

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Jim Wintringham

I just updated to Windows 8.1......and lost the GR-55 driver (I knew about the problem). I wrote to the Roland support, and here is their response. I have an old XP dell laptop, that I can still use for loading in patches. I don't know , if Roland would get more request for a fix, if that would spur them on. Anyone else wanting to use windows 8.1 (it is an improvement over windows8.0), might consider writing a complaint to Roland support. ::)

Roland Pro    

Roland Product Support (Roland Corporation U.S.)

Oct 21 02:06 pm (PDT)

Hi Jim,

We are expecting drivers for 8.1 for the GR-55, but have not been updated as to when. I will keep your ticket on file and reopen and alert you when they are available.

There is no workaround at this time.


Roland/BOSS Product Support


Roland/BOSS Product Support

Jim Wintri    

Jim Wintringham

Oct 21 01:30 pm (PDT)

When I updated to windows 8.1, I lost the driver connection for my librarian. I no longer see the GR-55 in my midi driver options. The latest driver 'win8_drv' doesn't load. Do you have a driver update for windows 8.1 yet? Windows 8.1 is now open for normal update. The compatability mode will not work either.
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Its well known that Roland drags its heels on releasing updated drivers=, and specifically why i recommend folks who wish to remain productive to review the Roland Driver status page for their Operating System.

Note when seeking straight info in these matters, I always go to the source - link below I bookmark and is from the Roland Japan Corporate site - Not Roland US/UK/DE/IT/FR - as those are only distributors and they typically have stale  / no information

Roland Product Compatibility with Windows(R) 8.1 64-bit Edition

Roland Product Compatibility with Windows(R) 8.1 32-bit Edition

I do not expect Roland to have Windows 8.1 drivers for GR-55 until April 2014, . and They may never have them for VG-99.

Many threads with work arounds are here
search on member "zjerry"
and download the zip file there too.


Windows 8.1 official support has finished as of Jan 2023 (E.O.L)
No more security updates.

So if anyone is still using it, hopefully for offline use only.
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