Author Topic: An easy, 2-part solution for GK cables that won't stay in - works for me!  (Read 1017 times)

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I have included two not-so-great pictures to show the end results from different angles. Procedure:

• First I used some small needle-nose pliers to bend the metal latch to stick out at a greater angle from the jack's body (to provide more outward pressure)

• The most important step: Then I used a small visegrip pliers to *carefully* squeeze the sides of the main metal jacket, to cause it to become somewhat oval in shape, which again forces the metal latch to be effectively extended. (the latch must be at the long end of the oval)

The combination of the two has totally remedied my problems - hope it works for you! :D  As it turns out, the female jack was not the culprit, but the shoddy design of the GK cable plugs...
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Excellent advice

i have also made a few similar mods to my GK 13 male plugs so they have "oval" shells (by carefully placing the Male plug under my foot and applying some pressure while the Male plug Cable Lock was aimed sideways) just enough to create a more robust connection to the critical Ground contact finger in the female 13 receptacle. - and not crush the round chrome shell.

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As someone else suggested (and I have confirmed), the female 13-pin jacks *are* metal reinforced at the latch-point, so it appears highly unlikely that faulty jacks are the reason anyone's cables don't stay latched...

Offline GraemeJ carefully placing the Male plug under my foot and applying some pressure....

Great stuff!  Nothing like a considered hi-tech approach to a problem :) .

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I use a small vise so that I can apply consistent controlled but minimal pressure, just enough (I hope):-)

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