External multi-voice hardware Tone Generators for MIDI Guitarists

Started by sixeight, July 06, 2008, 06:03:15 AM

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Both units currently sit unused, for my use, I now prefer the SY-1000 and GR-55 togethèr.
The Roland Fantom Xr is version 2 with Sample Tools, which I tried loading samples, but is super fiddly to do that.
I had a few issues with stuck on notes, but I also had a midi note foot pedal plugged into the SY-1000 to pass midi thru to the midi tone module.
The Xr doesn't have any expansion tone modules, and have not used the Sonic Cell ones.
The Sonic Cell and Fantom Xr are about the same age and use similar tone sets.
They are quite old and the Xr is too bulky for integrating into a live gig pedal board.
I also have a Korg wavestate keyboard which has a nice sound set, and can load user samples easier, and wave sequencing tones sounds great.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/


Thanks Gumtown, I have a Korg Kronos X 61 so I suppose I do not really need a hardware ROMpler for my FTP, but it would be nice to avoid moving the Kronos or fiddling with a laptop for live* use.   I found the GR-55 a bit frustrating when triggering the internal ROM sound set, but that's partially due to my lack of perseverance as I have seen people make good use of the GR-55.  I did not know that the Sonic Cell and Fantom XR are about the same age and use similar tone sets, but they are both getting long in the tooth and I suppose that does not bode well for reliability in a live* setting.

*If there ever are decent live gigs in my locale again, or for that matter anywhere else on the planet, the way things are heading.
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Anyone tried an Elektron Octatrak? I have their Analog 4 Mk II and its superb. An 8 track sampler with analog filters, multiple LFOs, effects, and a pretty amazing sequencer(!) would seem like a strong contender here. https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii/

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I have approximately 20 VG-99 patches using GUITAR TO MIDI that I developed with a Kawai GMega Tone Generator. I carted the GMega to church and bought a Yamaha MU15 from Reverb.com for rehearsing MIDI at home. Naively, I assumed I would just plug and play my MIDI patches with the MU15. Not to be. The MU15 plays onboard sounds and the VG-99 plays the guitar patches fine, so it's not the hardware; the issue is the connection between the units. I have downloaded and printed the MU15 manual and will begin tackling it tomorrow. In the meantime ...
(1) Does anyone have experience with an MU15 and can point me towards a quick solution?
(2) What are BANK MSB and BANK LSB; are they the clue to solving my problem?

After creating my MIDI patches with the GMega, I watched a YouTube video with a Roland person recommending you take string sensitivity down to 5 inside a GK Set. This is what created my problem when I hooked up the MU15 to the VG-99 MIDI OUT. I went back into the GK Set and raised the string sensitivity, and I was then able to play and hear all my settings. I still have more tinkering with the string settings to do in order to  remove extraneous string noise, but I now hear the MIDI sound.


the Boss GM-800 will make a nice option with the ZEN core engine,
 although would best suit a direct GK serial input,
should work satisfactorily as a midi sound module.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/