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Started by Charles5150, December 15, 2012, 05:18:42 AM

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MIDI Guitar, as software for using your regular guitar as a MIDI controller, benefits greatly from the addition of the MPE implementation to its output. It allows for stuff we could never do with the previous version of the software. And more than that stuff we could never do with a regular MIDI keyboard.

In this video, I will be showcasing the specific pitch-to-note relation that is part of the MPE protocol. The idea is that MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)  ties a lot more types of messages to the respective notes as they are sent out. Aftertouch, pitch bend, strike, and even stuff like CC74 (traditionally Brightness, and in MPE often appear as SLIDE) are now part of the MIDI Guitar output as well.
I am only looking at the advantage of the improved pitch-to-note relation here, and I am doing so using a slide for demonstrative purposes. I wish I could play with a slide, which I can't. But I can nevertheless see great value here, for any slide or steel guitar players that have been put on the sidelines, with this move to MPE.

I can only offer these insights from the position of being part of the ongoing evaluation of the software. I can't however give you any dates for the release of MG3, or anything like that at this point. I just want to show you guys the progress made, and hope you understand.

0:00 Introduction
1:18 Well-written instruments
1:40 What features are we looking for? Bending, sliding, shimmering?
2:55 Three virtual instruments that work
3:13 Surge XT with Roger Linn MPE presets
4:00 Roli's Equator 2
6:07 Modartt Pianoteq Classical Guitar (slightly modified)
7:25 Faux MPE - 4 channel GR-300 Kontakt patch
8:45 The argument for MPE - using guitar-like gestures
10:36 Outro

Stuff used:
MIDI Guitar (in-progress-version software from JamOrigin) NOT PUBLIC

BBC2 Breath controller from TEControl

Software Instruments from:

Surge XT


Audio Modeling

Modartt Pianoteq 8


Brent Flash