GR-55 - Using S1/S2 buttons to select pickups on COSM models

Started by jwhitcomb3, November 18, 2012, 11:16:00 AM

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In an attempt to make the GR-55 COSM amps and electric guitars behave more like a real guitar/amp setup, I have come up with the following setup.

This file contains 27 patches: 3 groups of 9 patches. For this to work, each group of 9 needs to be loaded into 3 consecutive banks, starting at patch 1 of the first bank. The guitar's S1/S2 buttons must be set up for bank increment/decrement.

Each guitar and amp combination has 9 patches, or 3 banks. Patch 1 of each bank is a clean amp setting, patch 2 is a crunchy amp setting, and patch 3 is a lead setting. The first bank is the bridge pickup, the second bank is the middle pickup position (bridge and neck), and the third bank is the neck pickup.

The EXP pedal controls the delay level, while the EXP button toggles a distortion pedal. The CTL pedal is tap tempo for the delay.

I set up the S1/S2 buttons as bank increment/decrement. This way, I can use the S1/S2 buttons as the pickup selector.

This file uses the Pro Reverb amp for three guitars: Tele, Les Paul and Rick. The settings have been tweaked to suit each guitar. I run the amp output through the MFX compressor (structure 2) so I can roll the GR volume control around and it acts like a gain control, adjusting the amount of grit without much change in volume.

I put these together just to see if the concept works. So far I like it. Please tweak these to suit which ever COSM guitar/amp combination that floats your boat!



The Holy Grail with GR55 tone-searching is re-amping separate strings.
GR55 adjust a bit an play a bit is primitive and very fatiguing.