questions about the GK-3 and my used schecter classic c1 guitar

Started by truckermusic, April 28, 2008, 05:06:56 AM

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Hello everyone
I have a couple of questions about this midi guitar thing......I am very new to this arena..........
I have a schecter classic c1 electric guitar which I love!!!!!
I do strictly computer based recording
I have a music computer and a Tascam U-122 ( I have a new Jim Rosenberry computer coming with and Edriol FA-101 interface on the way)
I use only computer based VST instruments / Synths

Now please do not laugh at my stupity here because I know nothing about midi guitar!!!!!

I have been thinking about maybe having the hardwired version of the GK-3 installed in this schecter if I do, do I HAVE to get the GR-20 to have synths play in sonar or can I control or get synth sounds by just plugging the midi cable into the guitar and then plug the other end into my tascam u-122 and control my cakewalk synths from this point?

Here I used the version GR-20 but I see that you guys use the this a new Roland midi  guitar unit?  If it is why is,  is this one a better version than the GR-20?

Also since we are on the topic of Pick ups....this used schecter's pick ups seem to be a little on the weak side....I was playing a new one over the week end and thoese p/u's seemed a lot hotter and the 5 position switch seemed to bring more tonal variation.......
any thoughts and / or suggestions on how to solve this.......
a. do I switch them out?.....if so with what?
b. do I have them rewouund? If so where? (I looked on the schecter site but they only have a custom shop if your buying a NEW instrument. they do nothing with a used instrument.....even their own..... which they state right on the site.)
c.. do I just trash this whole concept and start with a new instrument?

I live in the Tampa Florida area.......andy suggestions of qualified repair people here?

Thank you for any and all help



The GK-3 is not a midi converter, it is a devided pick-up. So instead of one pick-up for 6 strings you have one pick-up per string.
So you need a device that uses the 13 pin cable to convert guitar to midi. TheGK-3 doesn't have a midi cable.

Now, in the pasted you would get burned if you called the VG series a synth or midi device. The GR series are digital synthesizers and the VG series is a COSM whatyamecallit. However times have changed. The VG-99 is also a midi converter, however it doesn't have midi sounds or a digital synthesizer onboard. You take a midi cable from the VG-99 and insert that into you pc, keyboard or synt.



So then
The GK-3 is a special kind of pick up that sends the strings vibrations to the VG-99 which is a midi converter unit. from here then I could creat a track and then use a vst synth like say Rapture to produce sound?

If I wanted a "Guitar Synth" I would then have to have a GR series unit?




How marketing branding a GK 13 pin cable as a MIDI Cable destroyed the success of Roland V-Guitar Modeling products


Hi Trucker - since you said you only use VST synths, the Roland GI-20 might be closer to what you are looking for than a GR unit

This is what I use (with a bass). It's old tech but also low-cost, and it works fine.

Re; the existing pickups in the Schecter - I can't advise you on that, but if you do install a GK pickup system you can use it's pickups exclusively, then sort out the original pickups later