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Started by Elantric, May 27, 2012, 07:16:34 AM

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On Facebook Guitar Groups, must recheck any technical advice provided


Best $200 guitar I ever purchased

2023 Firefly FFLP LP with Floyd Rose w/ Matte finish

Upgraded the factory copy floyd ( which had a short 32mm trem block  )  to genuine Floyd Trem with taller 43mm block I've had in a drawer past 25 years, and swapped stock pickups for Fishman Fluence Classic pickups I purchased in 2019  for a different guitar - Tone push/pull pots for High frequency shift, and Voice2 - versatile. Rear cover plate rechargeable battery.
All mahogany , no maple top guitar ( like a genuine LP Custom) has a bit more high end. Matte black satin finish means its not a horrid sticky gloss polyurethane on the neck.
Factory stainless steel frets-   amazing fretwork , plays like butter, and 50's neck profile

Will give it a test at todays live show  with my band - should stay in tune