Author Topic: Godin / RMC Piezo factory mis-wiring issues  (Read 7411 times)

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Re: Godin / RMC Piezo factory mis-wiring issues
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Next time you are debugging "why can't I hear my Normal PU's in my VG-99 / GR-55 / Gp-10 using one 13 pin cable   - be sure nothing is connected to the 1/4" outputs jacks

Just wanted to point out that Godin LGXSA and xtSA 1/4" Output jacks feature the similar circuit as the Fender Roland Ready / GC-1 Strat below.

the Fender Roland Ready Strat / Roland GC-1 Strat's 1/4" output jack is a unique switching jack - The goal is to have a "stock Strat" when using the 1/4" output jack  - so anytime you insert a 1/4" plug into the GC-1's 1/4" "Normal PU Output"  jack  - this isolates removes the normal passive Strat Electronics signal output from entering into the GK Internal active buffer (which might load down the passive PU's and reduce high frequencies) and removes the ability to send normal mag PU tone down Pin #7 of the 13 pin Cable

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