GR-55 - Holdsworth patch?

Started by Jazzy, April 07, 2012, 12:02:29 PM

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Does anyone have an Allan Holdsworth patch or ideas for how to create one?   I am working on it but don't have anything I'd consider worth posting yet.  I am new in these parts but there seems to be a lack of fusion guitar patches (Stern, Scofield, McLaughlin, Henderson, etc) in the GR-55 section.  It would be great if someone could remedy that.

Thanks in anticipation.


The vg99 does this a little better because of the inclusion of the 'Bowed' HRM, but this isnt half bad either.

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Are you talking about a distorted lead sound, or a clean rhythm sound or what.  I posted a "Hall of Mirrors" patch on the VG-99 side since it sounded reminiscent of the clean guitar sound on "Hall of Mirrors" from "Hard Hat Area".  But AH has had many sounds over the years so knowing what sound you are looking for would help.
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Thanks for the replies, and the patch.   I can't wait to try it.   

I did see the "Hall of Mirrors" patch but I wanted one that I could use on the GR-55.   Also I was thinking of his distorted lead tone.   If you really want to get specific then I really like the sounds he gets on his early recordings with Bruford and UK (eg the solo on "In the Dead of Night").   


For a lead patch you could try my VG-99 patch "Pod Not Santana" with about half the volume on the GK3.  Download the VG-99 editor and copy all the settings for that patch down and then set it up in the GR-55 and you should have a good starting point.  I was listening to him a lot in the "Secrets" period where he was using Boogie amps so you could play around with the EQ and verb to your liking in that type of area.  I attached a mp3 with me playing the patch I made for the 99 - should be doable on the 55 easily I would think.

I know that Holdsworth was playing a 50 watt Marshall during the UK days and he was using a Hartley Thompson amp in in the early I.O.U. period.  Not sure what he was using in the Bruford period.  But you could try the Marshall model with similar EQ settings as the "Not Santana" and give it a shot.  Here was a short mp3 I put together using that patch with half the volume using the Boogie model.  I found that halfway was about the right level.  I was using .009 gauge strings which gave it a little edge.

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@ germanicus: I downloaded this holdsworth patch, but when I write it to the gr-55 via the librarian, I get name of the patch written in, but not the parameters. could you by chance upload it again, I tried downloading it several times, same thing. much thanks.


I have tried to get Allans great Eventide swell delay effect together with a fuzzy Lead solo sound as CTL option on the GR55.
The delays in the GR55 are a bit behind the times and there is no specific slow gear effect so I had to tweak around a lot, but the solo sound was easier to get.
I've put the 2 sounds together in one patch, assigning some radical switching changes for the CTL pedal settings.

The clean delay swell uses the TVA Attack at around +40 in the filter of a PCM Chorus Guitar sound (not optimal but you can also just swell additionally with the foot volume pedal).
In addition I'm using a modelled guitar (HSH strat) and normal pickup sounds (Les Paul Tribute), both come into serious play for the solo lead option.

The solo sound is an overdriven high gain Vox Drive amp, first switched on thru CTL (you can take out the delay using a different assign setting if you want it drier sounding).

I hope this may help the discussion. It works well on my Les Paul and GK3 setup.
You may wanna tweak it around some to suit your own setup.


Below is a more guitar-based attempt at a Holdsworth Clean-Delay and Lead-Solo sound in one patch (login as member and pick up CL.SIRIUS.DR-AH.g5l below).
I use both Normal Guitar pickups (CL.) and Modelled Guitar in my setups, so some of this may be irrelevant to your own switching setup.
SIRIUS is the Chorus-Delay-Reverb-Swell part which can be adjusted to suit your taste.
Over CTL switch I can go to a Lead-Solo sound which removes the Sirius elements apart from some reverb, and kicks in a fuzzy Guvnor distortion pedal sound.

Maybe this could be the start of something for those searching for that elusive Holdsworth thing in one patch.