RMC V9SF-001 - VG-99 Internal Subsonic Filter board

Started by Elantric, March 23, 2008, 05:22:55 PM

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Sorted! I connected the cables the other way round (the brown one at the left corner instead of the right corner) So it works now! I feel such a relief!!! While I was installing it many times came to my mind the thought of: What if when I try to turn it on it does not work...

Just tested it and honestly don't hear any differences so far. The GR300 presets still makes noise when I touch the guitar or the tremolo arm... Maybe I need to test it more or adjust some parameters!

PS: Feel free to delete this thread, I was so stressed when I wrote it. I don't feel I am very good at all with electronics!



Quote from:  admsustainiac on May 27, 2015, 02:29:50 PM
Try reverting back to the stock GK13 input PCB

Thanks Admustainiac, I was going to do that but decided to swap the cables before doing it, it works fine now! Still as I said, do not notice a difference in the sounds....!


What type guitar are you using?

What type Piezo PU?



I bought it this year, the serial is: 14506146


definitely after trying it with many patches I can tell I don't notice any difference at all, still making noise when touching the guitar as much as it did before!


QuoteSorted! I connected the cables the other way round (the brown one at the left corner instead of the right corner) So it works now! I feel such a relief!!! While I was installing it many times came to my mind

It's very possible the active filter on the V9SF001 filter board was damaged when your ribbon cable was incorrectly installed.
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Thanks, such a shame if that is the case! I will email him today!


The first question I would have is "what are your GK levels set to?" 

Remember when the unit comes new out of the box they're set to 65 which is kind of high in my opinion.  At 65 you can touch the guitar even using a GK3 and under high gain hear all kinds of sounds. 

I used 22 for quite a while in my own case although when I work with the synth portions I kind of crank the levels just for a bit more responsiveness in the GR-300 and wave synth models.
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I set the sensitivity to 0 and still makes noise, not sure if more or less than before tho. I am thinking in recording a video (or audio) with the GR300 patch so you can tell me if that is ok!

I contacted Richard MCleash and he reply really quickly, he was very informative and kind. He said that connecting the cables the other way round couldn't have damaged the filter, so it should work... I ll post a video and then maybe you could tell me more in concrete :))



Having just bought a used VG-99 that comes with the RMC filter fitted, I wasn't sure whether it was appropriate for use with my GK2A-equipped Strat. It occurred to email Richard McClish at RMC to find out. I was very impressed to receive a detailed response the same day (a Sunday to boot). On the strength of his reply, I'll happily leave the RMC filter in place. Although I haven't asked Richard's permission to do this, I hope he won't mind if I post his reply here as it is not only informative to present and future users of VG-99 but also a shining example of excellent customer service -

Well noted that you have a VG-99 retro-fitted with a V9SF-001.

Please note that the V9SF-001 is still being manufactured and is currently in stock. Its popularity hasn't faded since there is a large number of used VG-99s being sold on the used equipment market and many guitarists want good performance with both types of polyphonic drivers (i.e. GK and piezo).

Well noted that you're using a VG-99 with a GK-equipped electric guitar.

Since you're not using piezo-based drivers, the subsonic filtering will not change the tracking results much, since the GK drivers suffer mostly from string-to-string (audio-frequency) crosstalk (resulting from a mutual- induction phenomenon of adjacent magnetized strings in motion) rather than subsonic frequency generation (in response to force variations resulting from string-tension changes).

That being said, the subsonic filtering will help the tracking performance of the GK pickup especially if you have a regular strat-style tremolo bridge and work it hard, since large and sudden bridge movements will produce some subsonic wave components which should be removed for best effect.

In any case, there is no deterioration of the tracking performance with GK-equipped instruments whether it has a tremolo or hardtail bridge.

I hope the information provided will be helpful. If you have any further questions about RMC products, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

RMC  Richard McClish


interesting , I still have one of those in its original bag, life and things, I never got around to installing it and have since sold the VG-99


I bought a V9SF-001 filter board from RMC a few weeks ago; shipped to me in the UK without much fuss.
Installation took all of 10 minutes and it works as advertised with my 2001 vintage Godin LGXT (LR Baggs piezos). The GR300 model is much improved and now usable. Everything else seems unchanged, including use with magnetic GK pickups. My sensitivities for the Godin are now all around the 45 mark, which may be rather on the high side for many players. They'll probably come down when I get around to tweaking some patch levels up.
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I found the V9SF board essential when using piezos. I used it with a Godin and the difference is substantial, especially on things like acoustic VG models. I've since moved to the SY-1000 and sold the VG-99 so happy to sell on the V9SF if anyone needs one. (Please delete that last bit if against board rules)