DR_JONESS - CV-13...complete VG-99 control with a Vintage Guitar

Started by drjoness2001, March 19, 2008, 09:47:17 PM

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Hello all!

Well, I have something new for show-and-tell:


It is called the CV-13.

Like the BC/BX-13, it converts the older 24-pin signals to 13-pin format. But the CV-13 also converts all the control voltages, the virtual whammy bar, the LFO touch pads, etc.

It works with the VG-99/FC-300 combination, which has a total of four EV-5 type inputs. I am using those inputs to get the control signals into the VG-99. There are nine video clips (in the link) in total, showing a virtual GR-300 rig, a flexible rock/blues setup, and an "extended" guitar setup (morphing guitar).

I hope this sparks your imagination!



As an amateur guitar player, the CV-13 sounds like a fascinating piece of technology, especially with its capability to convert not only the signals but also the control voltages, virtual whammy bar, and LFO touch pads, providing a versatile tool for enhancing the functionality of the VG-99/FC-300 combination.

The integration of nine video clips showcasing different setups, from a virtual GR-300 rig to an "extended" guitar setup with morphing capabilities, is truly intriguing and sparks my imagination about the creative possibilities it offers for shaping diverse soundscapes in rock, blues, and beyond.

I appreciate the innovation and look forward to exploring similar avenues in my own musical endeavors.