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Re: Which one is better - Piezo or Magnetic hex PU?
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carlb wrote>

Carvin SH-575 rewired for GK-KIT-GT3

My 13-pin pickup journey continues!

First I had the Ghost system built stock into the Carvin (now Kiesel) SH-575. But the piezo elements on that aren't shielded, resulting in buzzing for many patches, and really bad buzzing if you rest your palm on the bridge.

So, had that modded to RMC electronics and Hex saddle pickup. Much better, and still a "stealth hex pickup," which was nice. But ... a few years down the road, and corrosion in the saddles (or some-such) is causing the grounding/shielding to become open-circuit.

Put a GK3 + control wart on, and wow. Nicer tones, better alt tuning (fewer warblies), and no hums or buzzes on the difficult patches. But, looks bolted-on, which of course it is.

So, ordered in a GK-KIT-GT3, and had a local luthier put it in. The SH-575 has plenty of room for electronics, so the only wood routing was for the pickup cable feed-through. Very inexpensive for the job, and looks nice.

Gig tonight, but I'll wait: never change things out before a gig! Pickup is reverse mounted, so I'd need to change a global setting or settings on every patch to accomodate the reverse mounted hex pickup.

Luthier did a great job, nicely spaced, and with a bit of tubing on each mounting screw to bring the height up to 1mm spacing from strings to hex poles.

I'll post again sometime this weekend when I get a chance to really try the new setup out.

Next, get the other Carvin, an SH-475, rewired with a GK-KIT-GT3.