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How to Navigate VGuitarforums
« on: December 05, 2011, 12:51:39 PM »
To  View All Recent Posts , navigate to the bottom of the Forum Home page and click the graphic icon highlighted in yellow below:

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Re: How to Navigate VGuitarforums
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2013, 09:01:37 PM »
Also - you may observe the forums for popular gear here each have two main areas:

General Discussion - this is for basic questions, conversation

Top Things to Know- this is the "Go To " area for newbies, as its the Fast Track area for Solid Information and important concepts, and discussions.

If you see a thread that gets moved to the  Top Things to Know area, its because we want to maintain a high signal to noise ratio of good information here, and not allow crucial bits of information get lost in 6 weeks to page 48 of the General Discussion area, and then forgotten.
In other words, good advice , Important tips, How To's", Bug Workarounds are all provided in the " Top Things to Know" area  - that should be the first place to navigate to, as it contains "all the good stuff" and the information contained there is known to be good valid solid information that is important to know.

The Moderators here do read each and every thread, so as soon as any thread here starts to get interesting and someone posts crucial important new concepts which should be shared with the community, one of the moderators here will move the whole thread to the suitable " Top Things to Know" area. Additional new posts on threads already moved to the  Top Things to Know area are encouraged!
Do not be alarmed if one of your threads here at VGuitarForums gets relocated or moved or Locked. The Moderators here are simply trying to avoid having dozens of different threads which actually all cover the identical topic.  We do encourage you to use search  before posting, and we do encourage you to post a new question to old 4 year old threads.

Advanced Search Tool and tips
Anytime you want to search here at vguitarforums, be sure to click to the Forum Home page first, (click Home on upper left ) then enter your search terms in the search box on upper right, then click on the small magnifier glass icon on the left of the search box

takes you here:

If you omit these steps, the search is rather useless here.

Damn wheres the thumbs-up smiley

Its buried as a drop down from that icon on the left of the thread topic text

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Re: How to Navigate VGuitarforums
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2014, 01:30:51 PM »
Its inevitable when we have separate areas for half a dozen processors - to get confused regarding which product is being discussed.

So pay attention to the topic area when responding  - ( this is the Boss GP-10 Patch Exchange area , not GR-55 Patch exchange area)   

And remember we have a 10:1 ratio of GR-55 owners here compared to all the others, and the Boss GP-10 has only been available for 5 months and has around 200 patches out there on the internet ( bulk are still at Boss Tone Central)

while the GR-55 has over 1,400 Patches in our  GR-55 Patch exchange.
Get bulk of GR-55 Patches in one download here:

I know there's loads of stuff on GR-55 and I've tried transcribing one or two, but my ears aren't that great and it's not easy.

We have a thread describing a concept called "Patch Cloning"  here

which Boss GP-10 Users can employ to convert many  meat and potatoes Guitar tone VG-99  / GR-55 patches into Boss GP-10 Patches  - for those who can't determine what type COSM Model Guitar > FX >  COSM AMP > Delay results in Jimmy Page tone. 

being useless at guitar, and knowing nothing about "gear"
Then get some training

Start here - learn how effects interact - and hear the results

Study Guitar Rigs of the stars

To get the most from ANY Roland VG/GR/GP/GT COSM Processor  - Must read all doc in this thread:

Roland COSM Reference Docs:

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Re: How to Navigate VGuitarforums
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Maybe as an outcome of too many folks spending High School detention in the Library, I discover a backlash of users who avoid ever going into one.

I have renamed all the former "Reference Library" folders to "Top Things to Know" folders.

Hopefully they will get read more often
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Re: How to Navigate VGuitarforums
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