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Boss Micro BR 80 FAQ
« on: October 01, 2011, 01:17:04 PM »
The Boss Micro BR 80 is a very interesting culmination of many prior Roland technologies all in a palm size package.

I know a few of us here have one already and mine will be here next week. A web search shows that many prior existing  Roland recorder forums have not much info on this new puppy.

We can grow ( or shrink ) this new area as needed to suit demand.
Here's some interesting Micro BR-80 links :
Boss User Group BR 80 Article

Video demos:

Micro BR-80 Video Demo

Micro BR-80 Training Guide

Roland Docs and links
BR-80 Owner's Manual

Using eBAND Song List Editor

BR-80 MIDI Implementation

BR-80 Data List

Roland Micro BR-80
Digital Recorder
Plug into the Ultimate Micro Studio


Small enough to fit in your pocket, the BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 is the ultimate new portable recording and jam-along tool for guitarists and other musicians. It’s equipped with three modes to create, record, and perform your music: an eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode; an eBand mode for onstage backing tracks and phrase training; and a Live Rec mode for instantly capturing high-quality stereo recordings. You can even combine the three modes seamlessly. Record your phrase ideas using Live Rec mode, for example, and then import the recordings into MTR mode to use as foundations for song production. Once you’ve added tracks, import your finished songs into eBand mode for backing-track accompaniment at the gig. The BR-80 is truly a must-have for all musicians!

    Three modes: MTR (multi-track recorder), eBand, and Live Rec
    Records directly to SD/SDHC memory card (up to 32 GB)
    High-quality stereo condenser microphone built in for instant audio capture
    64 V-Tracks and eight simultaneous playback tracks
    eBand function for phrase training and play-along tracks
    Huge library of built-in backing and rhythm patterns
    World-class COSM amps and effects onboard
    Use as a USB audio interface with built-in effects
    SONAR X1 LE software included

The Complete Studio To Go

Don’t be fooled by its size — this little studio is loaded! The MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode offers 64 V-Tracks with eight simultaneous playback tracks. In addition, a dedicated stereo rhythm track is provided, as well as an onboard library of great grooves to choose from. The intuitive user-interface continues the simple-to-use tradition of BOSS’ acclaimed BR series, with a graphical design that follows the layout of a conventional recording console. With EQ, reverb, and mastering tools plus, world-class COSM amps and effects for guitar, bass, and vocals the BR-80 is ready to deliver complete, pro-quality recordings with ease.
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2011, 03:46:57 AM »
I have had mine for over 2 weeks now, i still have not used all the features yet.
I know the BR-80 will atleast replace my MP3 player, i have loaded in all my practice songs, and favourite playlist songs for on the road.
There are also some extra 14 eBand tracks
Roland has available to load in too,
as well as the impressive 10 additional play tracks for the original BR Micro

I recorded half the gig we played 2 weeks ago, first with the recorder sitting on top of the mixing desk, then on the floor beside my GR-55.
Not exactly the ideal place to record, but it did give me an idea of the quality of the built-in mics, which seem quite good.

The other day I tried recording through the BR-80's mics, some music off the stereo, fiddling with the stereo COSM effects to obtain a nice 'neutral - flat' EQing, (didn't like the compression effect applied to the recording), tweaking the 'tight EQ' preset only a little to achieve a pleasent reproduction.

I brought a 16Gb SD-HC card to try, songs load up with the eBand file organiser, songs play fine, recordings with the multitrack mode are fine, but with the live record mode, i found the recording always stopping at around 3 minutes with the error message "drive not ready", which i assume is a card brand/compatability issue, since the supplied 2Gb card worked fine.

The COSM amps and effects are nice, advertising implies the effects are of the GT-10, but it is really only the amp models (same as GR-55) with a few effects simular to the ME-25, but they work well, it's nice to plug the BR-80 in the car stereo, throw a guitar on the back seat for a road-side jam session.
Last practice session i also tried my vocal mic inline with the BR-80 to try the vocal effects, they seem to work, but the wide range of input level sensitivity with the thumb-wheel level control made the mic a bit hot for live use (not that i would, was decided 50/50 on either a BR-80 or a VE-20), the harmonies were nice and the Robot effect amused me for a total of 10 seconds. I was hoping for a more in-depth reverb, but for what this unit does, i am very happy.

I looked at the midi implementation of this one, i was hopeing for more, but all it is going to do is a simple unit identity message for the eBand editor to aknowlwge the BR-80 is there, and transfer some basic drum midi tracks via SMF file.
No realtime control :( ,the only effects saved to file are from the MTR mode, so no external realtime effect/amp editing on this one.
I have yet to try one of the BR drum editors, but i suspect this will only work with SMF files too.

That's all i have dabbled with so far... yet to try recording a MTR song or try field recording  :)
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2011, 06:33:05 PM »
Gumtown hi, you mentioned loading your mp3's to the micro br 80. Say for example i converted my mp3 or mp4 files to wav how do i transfer them to play on the micro br? which folder should they sit or do i need the wav converter to do that. what if they are flv files that i converted to wav?  appreciate your kind advise. thank you

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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2011, 06:57:41 PM »
You need the "eBand Song List Editor" software from the Roland site to transfer either *.wav or *.mp3 files to the BR-80.
The song file format for wav must be stereo/44.1kHz and for mp3 the formats out there do vary,
but if the sampling rate is too high (320kHz) it is most likely a 48kHz or 24 bit type file,
and you may need so extra software to re-save your mp3 as a more compatible format.
128kHz to 192kHz seems to work for me (and the eBand song list editor).

If you have your songs "file attributes" set with the album/artist and song descriptions correctly,
then the songs will be organised in a structured way in the BR-80 where you can choose album or artist catagories.

If you have flv format, i would assume you are using Freecorder 4 or 5, which the menu bar allows file conversion to either WMV or MP3 formats, the files must be converted to mp3 or wav before the eBand song list editor will look at the files.

I use Sony SoundForge for all my sound and file fomat editing.
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2011, 06:59:13 PM »

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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2011, 07:15:29 PM »
As always, thanks Steve and Gumtown! This new toy is raving everywhere I go. They all ask where and what happened to my VG/GR? A scale of economies happening as my back started to ache. Am at home with this new toy. Really worth the price.

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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2011, 07:25:11 PM »
Yes - I really like my BR-80 too!
Always in my gig bag and always available.

With nothing more than BR-80, and patch cord, I could sit in with just about any band. The amp modelling is very good, and dynamic  - responds to touch response and cleans up when I roll back the volume.

I use Sony SoundForge for all my sound and file fomat editing.

+1 for Soundforge here too.
Since I do a lot of video editing and audio re-alignment, I got Soundforge  as part of a great Sony bundle "Sony Imagination Studio V3" here:

Last years version (Sony Imagination Studio V2) is still VERY GOOD and excellent value and only $34 here:

While the version of Soundforge included in this bundle is Not the Full version , it performs 90% of what i want to do  so I feel its an excellent value worth mentioning!

Includes These Powerful Sony Applications

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum

    Edit standard and high-definition video
    Mix and encode 5.1 surround sound
    Enhance movies with effects, transitions and titles
    Restore shaky footage with video stabilization
    Share movies on PSP, iPod, iPhone, online, and more

ACID Music Studio

    Turn your PC into a complete recording studio
    Record, edit, and mix live vocals, instruments, and MIDI
    Use over 1,300 ACIDized loops to add virtual musicians
    Includes Studio Devil British Valve Custom guitar amp and TruePianos Amber Lite piano plug-in
    Share your music on CD, PSP, iPod, iPhone and online

Sound Forge Audio Studio

    Record audio from virtually any source
    Digitize and restore vinyl and cassettes
    Remove vocals from songs to create karaoke tracks
    Perfectly synchronize audio with video
    Create your own music CDs in minutes

Exclusive Music Soundtracks

    360 royalty-free music soundtracks for personal or professional use
    Wide variety of music styles
    Professionally developed with super high-fidelity sound quality
    Variety of lengths to provide the perfect accent to your projects
    Music for special occasions provided--including action, wedding, new baby, family vacation, and more

DVD Architect Studio

    Create DVDs and Blu-ray Disc projects with custom menus and graphics
    Works with standard and high-definition video
    Make your own DVD menus so viewers can select their favorite scenes
    Author multimedia DVDs with a movie, slideshow, and music all in one
    Choose from 56 beautifully designed themes

Photo Go

    Automatically import photos from your camera
    One-click fixes make pictures look great
    Organize and rate your photos
    Create compelling picture slideshows
    E-mail photos to family and friends
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
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Re: Boss Micro BR 80
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