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GR-55 - Ukelele, Un-Amplified Strat/Les Paul, NES Sound
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:49:54 AM »
Yeah, so thats what they are...

-Ukelele: a 4 string Ukelele tuned nylon COSM guitar with some tonal tweaks...honestly not a very good patch, but my third best.

-Strat and Les Paul Guitars: My most useful patch. Un-Amplified strat and les paul (switch with CTL) with tone control (EXP Pedal Off), Hexa chorus (EXP Switch), and a string pad (EXP Pedal On)

-NES Sound: My newest patch. my first attempt to try and make a sound that i already knew...I think its pretty damn good. No dynamics (to keep the 8 bit feel), and a high speed slicer (CTL) which makes the best hyper-arpeggio NES sound out of the GR 55 effects (think mario going down pipes sound)

Heres a video, in order (I know i suck, and the video is full of fail, and its late right now, and i didnt care to redo the video):

-Ukelele patch (adventure time, im yours)
-Guitar patch with strat (yuffies theme)
-Guitar patch with Les Paul (yuffies theme)
-Guitar patch with strat and hexa chorus (yuffies theme)
-Guitar patch with Les Paul, hexa chous, and strings (greensleeves)
-NES Patch (mario underwater theme)
-NES Patch with slicer (random fretting) EPIC fail on my part here...
-Showing off the nice tracking with tapping, on .11 didnt miss a single note (I miss a few notes here, not the GR55)

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