BTS connection problem....... SOLVED

Started by Rusty Kirkland, April 01, 2024, 03:34:48 PM

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Rusty Kirkland

Problems  (SOLVED) connecting to BTS for SY and/or Floorboard for SY.
I'm out of ideas.  Last time I tried to connect, no problem.  Windows 10 Pro PC.
Microphone settings are good.
SY-1000 shows up fine in Device Manager.
Tried different usb cables, no dice.
Rebooted computer and SY, no dice.
BTS version is current / 1.03
SY USB driver is current.
*** SY-1000 firmware is 1.08  ******

Rusty Kirkland

figgered it out ... sheesh. I was trying to use BTS over USB but I had a midi cable connected to MIDI IN on the SY thru my (ahem) convoluted setup with midi mergers yada yada........... on a whim, disconnected the cable to MIDI IN, restarted BTS (or Floorboard, everything's cool....


Funny how things tend to sort themselves out right after you have posted a question for help.  ;)
Good that you have it working now !!!
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