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Started by Madagascar, March 28, 2024, 12:59:46 AM

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Hi all
Is there any software solution to remapping sustain function cc?
I own a kemper and it only send cc1,47,11 via pedals as well as program changes via switches.
Thus it's seems to be impossible to trigger ftp sustain function
Any vsti that allow remapping of cc4 to 66?
Ive tried a bunch but none seem to have this
Some sort of remapping function in ftp would be a solution


Haven't tested it, but this could be something if you are on Windows:

Many DAWs have internal options that can deal with this.


Hi Sixeight
Thanks but it does not work.
The ftp app does not recognize the plugin
Cubase does, so it must be an ftp issue
Also I think i worded my initial query wrongly
What I would really find useful is to remap the sustain function in the ftp itself so as to use the function where once a note is held other (midi) notes are ignored.
A classic use would be to sustain a chord or drone and solo over it with the guitar sound.
midi remappers as such will not work cos I cant see a way of inserting them in the midi data stream between kemper and ftp
So if anyone from Fishman reads this please make sustain cc user remaappable