Tasty Chips Integral vx Poly Effects Verbs

Started by stub, March 26, 2024, 07:08:25 PM

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Right now, I know of only two reverb convolution pedals on the market: Tasty Chips Integral, and Poly Effects Verbs. Both are fairly new products, and are similar in price.

I chose the Integral, as the feature set was much better for my needs and interests. I've only had it for a couple weeks but I'm super happy with it. I've learned quite a bit about the unit, and have deepened my understanding and appreciation of good reverb.

If anyone is interested, I can add more observations and answers to this tread.



From my reading of their manual, Poly Verbs has these pros & cons:

Pros: True-Stereo, MIDI IN, 12-bit touch sliders, can load 8 user IRs into pedal
Cons: no mono-in-stereo-out option (!), only 8 user IRs, relatively few parameters to adjust

The Verbs manual fails to mention the max length of IR sample it can load into a user slot.

For Integral...

Pros: Two independent true stereo convolution engines, up to 23 second length of true stereo, DSP options balance A/B convolvers, wet level and dry level, pre-delay, start offset, attack/release ramps, HPF, 4 fully-parametric EQ bands, pitch of IR +/- 2 octaves, insert USB stick to access to as many user IR's as you want (my USB thumby has over a thousand IRs on it), exp pedal (controls underlined parameters), tiny but info-packed display (you need to be close to read it), very logical UI.

Cons: No MIDI in, no remote preset change; as of the current firmware--no option to step through presets.


I'm in the somewhat obsessive process of writing a review on the Integral that I'll link here, when it's ready. It has an intro to convolution section, a review, and will act like a supplemental manual.

I've made some fun discoveries.