modifying an NS Design CR series EUB

Started by TheMotorMan, March 26, 2024, 05:26:50 PM

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So here's the thought ...
Forever and a day, folks have been trying to emulate a full SUB with an EUB.
I have an NS Design CR5M, I've modified the piezos (arco and piz pups) with a blend pot.
With the right reverb to reproduce the sound of a full SUB body, I've been able to come close.
As I've never found the 5 individual EMG pups to be very useful, what about using them to feed the circuits of a GK Divided GB3 Pickup Kit?
Has this ever been attempted? Any thoughts? Possible hurdles?


Brent Flash

I am a big fan of Ned's designs and own 5 of his guitars and 2 basses but I have to admit I only have the basses as an investment and do not play bass very much.
The bass side of the divided pickup (in my opinion) suffers from the physical difficulties of translating the slow wave frequency to MIDI. Because of this physical problem I think experimentation with divided pickups is low. Waiting for some breakthrough to happen.
What would you think the divided pickup would add to your goal?