I did a thing

Started by Best_Peasant, March 22, 2024, 09:16:42 AM

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I didn't need it...but I wanted it....so I did it.

Gk3 pickup is in poor state, what's the recommendation to use alongside gm800?
Anything I should be aware of re firmware/software for this?


Wax pot the GK-3

Then get a GKC-AD converter  to drive GM-800

As I own far more GK 13 pin devices and guitars, this was my best path


Cheers Elantric,

Okay spent a few hours with it today. 13 pin cable was scratchy, replaced it with my old GR1 cable which I thought had stopped working...it hadn't.
Gk3 pickup is in poor condition, sticky taped it to a LP style guitar...nothing or intermittent from low E string. The pickup is mangled...shame as it was a steal of a purchase. Unit is in solid knick.
So...gkc da, best option as I am using gk5 on gm800?
Cam get that cheaper than a new gk3 pickup here.


If your goal is simply use the latency guitar to midi GM-800 , the GK5 > GM-800 is one path

Thats not my cup of tea, but many enjoy it