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Started by Rolloq, March 21, 2024, 06:19:43 AM

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NAMM 2024: Korg has finally turned its mighty digital synths into desktop modules: wavestate, opsix, and modwave.

The wavestate, opsix, and modwave are three super powerful digital synthesizers with mighty and flexible engines. A weakness of these synths, however, is their plastic case and their wobbly keyboard without aftertouch. So more and more users have been wanting a desktop version for a long time.

There was no answer from Korg for a long time. So, third-party developers created desktop transformation kits. Finally the reaction to NAMM 2024 that we have been waiting for for a long time. Korg has finally decided to create desktop modules of its three digital synth
Wavestate, opsix, and modwave will soon be available as desktop module synths. They are built-in a 4U rack-mount enclosure that you can put on your desk as a desktop synth or rack-mount in your synth wall. An advantage over third-party solutions

All three synths are technically at the same level as the Mk2 versions, including the same controls. They will have all the same improved features as the Mk2 keyboard versions. In detail:
The wavestate Mk2 desktop wave sequencing synth will feature the same 120 voices of polyphony found in the latest MK2 version. It also comes with updated LFOs with options for free running, delayed start, and triggering.

There are also new modulation sources. The original wavestate will also get these features via free software update.

For NAMM 2024, Korg also released the opsix Mk2 with new features, also available in the desktop module. It now gives you 64 voices instead of 32 voices. In addition, the operator/mixer section, which is the most distinctive feature of this product, has been given a new image color of green as an accent.
Also the modwave wavetable Synthesizer is soon available as a desktop module, providing the same 60 stereo voices of polyphony as the mk2 version.

With the latest software updates, all models of wavestate, opsix, and modwave, now supports MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange. Korg has updated the patches with polyphonic aftertouch modulation. So also playable with Korg's new polyAT MIDI keyboard. First Impression
Yes, finally. It took a long time for Korg to respond to the community's wishes. This new versions are great to see. A downer: they don't have USB-host which would make sense in these desktop synths.

The new Korg desktop modules (wavestate, opsix, modwave) will be available soon for $649,99/649€.