Dual AIRD amp liveset

Started by jwhitcomb3, March 13, 2024, 11:57:37 AM

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These are clean to moderate breakup presets taking a mono input and simulating a two amp setup with separate amps on the left (usually a Deluxe Reverb) and right (Usually a Twin Reverb) output. The speaker cabs and mics are paired to the presets. The AIRD amps are set to edge-of-breakup and rely on the GT effects for dirt (if any). The first 8 presets are general purpose, ordered from cleanest to grittiest. The rest are tailored to specific songs in my setlist, but you may find them entertaining.

Here are the control mappings:

 The Down arrow button toggles AIRD amp solo (and sometimes other goodies).
 The Up arrow button toggles modulation (usually tremolo and a tethered EQ to compensate for volume drop).
 CTL1 toggles dirt
 Manual down arrow toggles the master delay
 Manual up arrow is BPM tap tempo

External foot switches or expression pedals are not needed, but have been mapped accordingly:

 CTL2 toggles a modulation parameter (usually tremolo rate)
 CTL3 toggles reverb effect level
 CTL4 is PATCH-1
 CTL5 is PATCH+1
 EXP1 is unused
 EXP2 is pedal FX - usually a wah or a -2 step pitch bend. Pedal FX are turned off when the toe is down.

The sub outs are positioned before the AIRD amps (with no cab sims), so you can bypass the AIRD amps and just run effects into external guitar amps, sims, a Tonex, IRs, or what-have-you.

I use this setup for live and recording/re-amping via USB, where the USB out pairs are (effects and AIRD amps, dry, effects only).

I hope you find these useful, or perhaps a jumping-off point for your own sounds.