GM-800 Arpeggiator Alternative - is this possible?

Started by cmscss, March 11, 2024, 12:35:53 AM

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OK, sorry if this is crazy/not possible but can the MC-101 run any Zenology patch?

If so, could I run my GK-3 into a GI-10, then MIDI out into the MC-101, then use the Zenology synth patches with the MC-101 arpeggiator?

And does anyone know what the MIDI latency was like with the GI-10 or is the whole idea stupid?


I just looked at Roland Cloud for the MC-101.  Looks like it does not support wave expansions, but, it does support all the same sound packs as the GM-800.  You can create a free Roland Cloud account and take a peek yourself to see exactly what is supported.

I've never used the GI-10.  If you're looking for guitar-to-midi then either the FTP or the GM-800 would do the trick.  They seem to be the two best G2M options around today in terms of latency & tracking.

Yes, an arpeggiator would be nice on the GM-800.  I feed a Waldorf Blofeld with the MIDI out from the GM-800 and I am pretty happy with how that works - I like the Blofeld's arpeggiator. 

I really like the demos of the I-arpeggio on the Juno/Jupiter lines.  It's be great if there would be a way to utilize that easily (and cheaply...) with the GM-800.


@admin_shawnb Thanks for that, much appreciated.

Do you have experience with the wireless version of the Triple Play? I guess I worry about it playing live. But not that keen on a USB cable for the non-wireless version.

Any insights/experiences much appreciated. Cheers


I've only used the Tripleplay wireless version.  I've had it since the initial launch and have used it regularly for years - no issues whatsoever. 

I mainly use it for jamming with friends - not on a stage.  But there's plenty of gear in there, and I've never had issues.

I do recall some early reports of folks having to re-pair under some circumstances in new environments.  I haven't seen that.


Must be something of use in the Zencore app,
According to the Zencore web page fancy fluff:

QuoteStandard Features

ZEN-Core Synthesis System plug-in and five Model Expansions for Mac and Windows

Thousands of tones and drum kits, easily expandable to over 10,000 selections

Clear, intuitive interfaces for free-flowing production

Increased polyphony over the original hardware on some models

Extended parameters, advanced arpeggiator, onboard effects, and more

Works in compatible ZEN-Core hardware

Swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly

VST3, AU, and AAX compatibility and native support for Apple silicon

Available as a Lifetime Key purchase
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


Maybe the Step LFO is being used as the Arpeggiator (basic 16 step sequencer)

Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


Yeah, the step lfo in ZP is as close as you get to an arpeggiator.

I hope there is a way to utilize the GM-800 with I-Arpeggio at some point - without having to buy one of the synths.

It's pretty advanced & follows what you play.  I could easily see playing along with this:


Thanks guys, it seems dumb to have to use the MC-101 just to have both classic synth sounds and a proper arpeggiator but it seems like it's the only path forward - unless the MC-101 arp comes to the GM-800 at some point.


A bit of gear I have is the Roland Fantom XR (rack synth equivalent of the big keyboard)
which is sort of the 20 year predecessor to the Zencore stuff, can load in samples, has an in depth editor with much the same deep functions and effects as the Zencore one.
It also has an in depth Arpeggiator, Rhythm patterns, and Chord Memory functions.
128 voice poly over 16 parts.

Some of today's new items seem a bit watered down, with just the basics on a standard unit, with pay-walled extras that were previously standard issue.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from