Any Lineage MIDI Guitar owners here? I need help!

Started by diggo, March 06, 2024, 09:07:06 AM

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After literally years of hunting, I finally found a Lineage MIDI Guitar in good physical condition.
The neck-sensor array design topology (based on the You Rock MIDI Guitar) really suits me, especially the very low latency. I workaround the lack of string bending by using the whammy bar. I been wanting to upgrade from the plastic You Rock since forever.

HOWEVER, the Lineage arrived here today and it's not switching on properly.
The display refers to a bootloader that can't be found.
I'm assuming the bootloader is embedded into the instrument.

I'm seeking advice about this issue, plus any documentation which might be pertinent to the instrument.
AFAIK, the admin on this forum in Feb 2023 has a Lineage?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!




No I never obtained a Lineage instrument
( im aka as "ADMIN" here at VGUITARFORUMS
I do have  You Rock II

But both are a bit out of production, by a decade - 2015 was the last time I saw the Lineage NAMM booth , requires search and luck regarding obtaining firmware. Cliff Elion,  engineer creator of both instruments retired a few years ago to South Africa,  and it may prove difficult to obtain any support or software for either instrument in 2024

You Rock sold far more numbers, id expect Github might yield an independent firmware source- start by search "Lineage MIDI Guitar"  Google, Bing,

But they only sold a few dozen instruments , and not sure they fullfilled the minimum sales numbers via Kickstarter.

If a professional membrane fretboard MIDI Controller is what you seek, ZTar is what you should be looking for

Frankly if you are the Feb 2024 buyer of that $999 Lineage Guitar,  Id be Contacting Customer support asap to seek a refund
Other contacts


Thanks for the response. Yeah, I already knew everything you said.
I've got two You Rock Guitars, one being the backup.

I'm onto the retailer and will be demanding a refund if he's unable to sort the problem.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the Lineage. Vastly superior to the You Rock. Everything about it is ideal for me, but completely useless if the thing wont even turn on properly.