SWYBYRD Picking ( Sweep + Hybrid ) With Marshall Harrison : Buckle Up ! . . .

Started by plexified, March 05, 2024, 09:30:09 PM

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Marshall is well into his second decade of this revolutionary hybrid guitar technique. While studying at GIT with  Brett Garsed  Marshall began to combine sweep picking with hybrid picking. This is the inclusion of the middle finger, ring finger and pinky on the picking hand while holding a flat pick. Marshall fused his curiosity in other styles to include banjo rolls and classical claw into the spirit of Economy. In other words streamlined movements to employ maximum range and speed. He did so in order to transpose his piano playing and interpretations of the masters on the fretboard. Violin included which was made famous by Yngwie Malmsteen and others. Marshall also includes Holdsworth in his persuit, because he is a mathematics study as well, not unlike the Good Will Hunting saga.

Here is a very basic introduction below. And following is a recent live stream where you can see him literally read charts and play the piano concerto upon sight for the first glance. Its pretty remarkable.

The take away is these are patterns and they work. I play banjo, dobro and hybrid blues like John Hammond Jr. in many tunings that excercise the brain. But in my younger days, it was Holdsworth,Malmsteen,Layne and Fusion with Frank Gambale. So these are the techniques that keep your brain young and new fuel for the stringed instruments.

Marshall is apex material, do not for one minute think you cannot do this. Every technique starts off slow and many I remember left me feeling autistic and hopeless. So I thought I would share this gem. Have Fun !

This is from waaay back, maybe 15 years ago

This is from a current live stream :

He has lessons on his channel if you are interested. Here is a pt I and pt II with some patterns to get you moving pretty quick. Pt II is sssmmooking !

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