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How is it powered?
POD Express ships with three AA batteries, which'll give you about 6 hours of play time, but it also supports rechargeable AAs. Or use the Line 6 DC-1 power supply (sold separately) or your favorite 9V power supply or power brick (150mA or greater).

What's the difference between POD Express Guitar and POD Express Bass?
Other than the amp/cab/effects set, chassis color, and silkscreen, nothing.

Why is the chassis plastic?
The name of the game here is portability and affordability. POD Express is the spiritual successor to Pocket POD, which also has a plastic chassis.

Why aren't there XLR outs, stereo effects loops, IR loading, variable input impedance, MIDI, tubes, and a cupholder?
Because POD Express isn't made for the type of guitarist who needs that stuff. And it's $179.99.

Why'd you give us two simpler multieffects instead of [insert imaginary expensive flagship here]?
Line 6 cut its teeth on easy-to-use multieffects and we wanted something that, like the original POD, would incentivize guitarists—especially those new to digital or even new to the instrument—into playing more often and in a wider variety of environments.

When are POD Express Guitar and POD Express Bass available?
Very soon.


got the email from Line6, looks interesting.
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