2024 update opinion on Godin XTSA

Started by mostlyjazzer, March 05, 2024, 10:57:39 AM

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Greetings everybody.

So I have a 2009 XTSA. I had the issue of unwanted noise when using the gr-300 patch on a VG-99,
an issue well documented in this forum.
I had the RMC filter installed on the VG-99 when I still owned it.
It did the job.

My question:
Are the newer/recent 2023/2024 XTSA guitars still produce undesirable subsonic noise?
I currently just use a GP-10. 

Basically considering selling my 2009 for a newer one.

Opinions? Alternatives?



The best Godins are late summer 2011--2020

The recent ones built 2020-2024 are a substantial step in cost cutting, dropping all high performance/higher cost RMC Electronics and now employ high crosstalk lower cost LR Baggs Electronics,
Details from a new LR Baggs  equipped Godin owner


So look for 2012-2020 era Godins that still have RMC, with built in tuned subfilters 

The preferred Godin xtSA/LGSA/LGXT  RMC Polydrive-X PC Board looks like this ( summer 2011 PC Board)