Fractal FM3 mk2

Started by Jiminick, March 04, 2024, 05:39:05 PM

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I've been using my GT1000 LIVE for years and I have been extremely happy with the tones I'm getting for the professional cover band that I'm playing in.

Recently decided to venture into the Fractal world and was thoroughly impressed at the options for tweaking. Their reverb and Gate effects are definitely world class but for some reason I'm struggling to find the similar amp feel that I get and enjoy  when using my GT. I find that the GT's amps are more responsive and they sit better in a mix where there's an acoustic drumset and keyboardist. The fractal sounds great at home with headphones but needs work to tweak for Live usage. I wonder if anyone else could share their experiences coming from Gt1000 to Fractal specifically?


No joke, I swapped my two GT-1000 units out with two FM3 Mark II Turbo units three weeks ago. The FM3 units were just sent back and I'm keeping my GT-1000 units. I'm just happier all-around with the GT-1000. Maybe you are in the same boat.



Your post finally convinced me, also to stick with my two GT1000s. Although I actually knew that beforehand..  ;D