VG-99 with 1.0 1.01 firmware in 2024 - benefits of going 1.04 ?

Started by mixolydian, March 03, 2024, 04:46:51 PM

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I've been using a VG-99 for about 2 years, and I'm getting better at programming patches on it.
So far, I use only the ones I programmed.
I just did the procedure to find out which firmware I got, and it is the first one, 1.0 - 1.01.
I'm currently reading the procedure for a firmware update here in the forum.
So I'm getting a little nervous since there is the possibility of me ruining the whole thing.
(I promise I'm reading everything about it; already downloaded everything needed.)

So my question is: what would be different on the unit once I upgrade?
If pretty much all stays the same, I might consider leaving it at 1.01.

Thanks for your advice on this.

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I am not sure what is in updates 1.02 and 1.03,
but update 1.04 has only added GK SET options for 4 types of piezo pickup.

Caution:  The appropriate update file must be used for this update process and depends on the current version of your VG-99.  Attempting to update the VG-99 with the incorrect files could cause possible damage.

Use the following steps to check the current version number of your VG-99:   While holding the CATEGORY and PAGE Left (< ) buttons, turn on the power. The current version will show in the display next to "Firm:".

     If the current version is 1.03, use files in folder "vg99_v104_for103" and execute it.
   If the current version is 1.01  or 1.02, use files in folder "vg99_v104_for102" and  execute it. 

Never turn off the power while the update is in process.            
  System Update Instructions 
This procedure updates the VG-99's system using a computer or other such device to play back the MIDI data for update, which is then received by the VG-99.  Required Items • PC (Windows XP/2000) • Software Sequencer: UpdSMF.exe (Refer to Service Information #102333.) 
System Update Procedure
1. Connect the computer's MIDI OUT to the VG-99's MIDI IN (use a UM-1 USB MIDI interface or equivalent device).
2. Simultaneously hold down PAGE left < and CATEGORY and turn on the power. "SYSTEM UPDATER Please wait..." appears in the display.
3. Wait several seconds until "Waiting SMF..." is displayed.
4. Start up the application for transmitting MIDI data on the computer (e.g., UpdSMF), and transmit the MIDI data.  "Now Receiving..." is displayed while receiving data.
* The update takes approximately 30 minutes.
When the update is finished, "Complete!" appears in the display.
Caution: Never turn off the power while the update is in process. 
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