Windows 11 Laptop Best Practices For Backup & Configuration

Started by Chumly, March 03, 2024, 12:53:08 PM

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Hi vguitarforums,

I know this has been talked about to death and back, plus Google is your friend, plus searching this site will reveal useful nuggets, nonetheless if you'd care to share your insights, I would be appreciative!

1. I'm not sure I want to use OneDrive on my Windows 11 Asus & Dell & HP laptops. It seems invasive, annoying, etc. I'm not overly worried about doing local backups only. I've been using Seagate external hard drives with Seagate Toolkit to automate the backup process. It does not seem to cause problems but who knows. What are you guys using to backup your Windows 11 laptops for music use? Did you completely delete OneDrive?

2. Do you guys keep any non-music software on your music laptops, such as MS Word, LibreOffice, Windows Security, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Line 6 / Roland hardware editors, etc and have you found problems in doing so?

3. I'm getting really tired of Microsoft constantly pushing Bing, Edge, Copilot, MS Store, MS Teams, Xbox, etc and I delete everything I can but that stuff is getting more and more invasive and annoying over time. I wish there was one giant macro that would completely strip down and optimize Windows 11 for music use. I don't suppose there is such a thing or if not then a prioritized itemized up to date list for Windows 11? Not that I haven't done this many times before, but in typical Microsoft fashion they keep renaming, moving, disappearing things for no good reason.

4. I'm using Asus & Dell & HP laptops but not desktops. Sometimes I'm not 100% sure what is or is not strictly bloatware because laptops can be more proprietary than desktops. For example, sometimes there's proprietary apps to monitor firmware updates (or other presumably helpful things) and that stuff may be running in the background. It seems to me I should delete everything that's non-essential, but that might mean hunting down firmware updates, or not being aware of them at all. I guess I could turn that stuff off in startup and run it once a year?

5. I've been using Windows laptops for decades and it's not that I'm unfamiliar with all this farting around, but I just bought a few new Windows 11 laptops and I thought I should see what others think.
I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. - Richard P. Feynman


Not a fan of Win 11 - I stick with Win10 64 on Asus GW752 ROG laptop.

I hate OneDrive , and spend time redirecting my Win apps to use my local internal  2TB SSD drive.

I do use Google drive , and Apple iCloud . I ceased DropBox , i use for pics

I do use Libre Office 64, and IrfanView on all computers as well as Google Docs , Google Sheets - since they are accessible on all my operating systems

80% of the time I do everything with my Samsung S10+ Android 12 phone. ( explains why I edit all my posts, as Fingertype on a phone screen) And use Samsung DEX to run a Virtual desktop environment on large Displays on Window PCs . This is driven by my only internet access is my AT&T unlimited data phone plan

And I still use VMWare Player to run my CAD Design suite ( Altium, Protel, Cadence) on a virtual WinXP environment that is easily transferable with a USB memory stick

I still use a 2014 era Macbook pro and 10 year old macOS system , with lots of music apps frozen in 2014 time that never touch the internet .

I cancelled everything  that needs to " phone home" with live internet access - thus my sluggish Zenology  posts. cancelled Adobe Suite a decade ago. fixed income forced retirement mandates my monthly budget cap.


Thanks Elantric,
That sounds like a good way to go. My last old laptop finally died completely, and I'm kind'a stuck now with new laptops, which I guess I could revert to Win10 64 if it seems worth the time and hassle. You mentioned using a local internal 2TB SSD and that sounds like a good plan, except that remote backup is safer, but that's your call of course. What backup method are you using?

I understand about reliance on technology worsening anonymity!
I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. - Richard P. Feynman


QuoteWhat backup method are you using?

Local redundancy( external 12TB Drive)  and Apple icloud , Google Drive

my favaorite Win8.1 Asus Q551L computer died last month - plan on repairing it

Luckily I still have several redundant computers here  - and i can pull drives an use external USB-C drive carriers


Computer redundancy makes sense (that's my normal mode except for recently) and I've done similarly with removing internal HD's to install in external hard drive enclosures to extract data, or just to use as external storage. I haven't done much with online storage such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc perhaps I should in addition to external hard drive backups.

"...plan on repairing it..." has become my mantra for deprecating gear I'm reluctant to dispose of and no one is likely to want.
I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. - Richard P. Feynman