GR-55 - PCM tones are staccatto

Started by wsleight, March 03, 2024, 03:42:25 AM

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Hello everyone, I am a newbie and this is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but I was not able to search out and answer.  When I use a PCM tone for most of the guitar synths, it sounds very staccato to me.  I am wondering if there is a way to smooth out the transient perhaps by adding a compressor and reducing the attack? Just a guess as I said I am an older guy and new to this kind of tech.




Your question implies your are experiencing  speaker flub / uncomfortable  anomalies  with GR-55 tones.

What is your amplification system?

A normal guitar amplifier is typically the wrong tool.

A full range powered PA cab is the common type used by keyboard players - which essentially is sane type tones as GR-55 PCM Synths

Most of the popular amplification  options are explained here

Be sure you are using Gumtown  GR-55 FX Floorboard  Editor ( essential!). In fact most here never touch the Roland GR-55 Librarian

And review its included GR-55 patches - which were obtained from the source, VGuitarforums Users , cultivated for past decade here

Start by using headphones to judge the GR-55 Sounds

Then determine what suitable GR-55 amplifition type suits your budget or review the available types at your live performance venue

Many here just carry a used Cube 80XL amp, or a powered PA cab to the gig, or just use the house PA , stage PA Monitors and soundman




Thanks for the quick reply, I am using a Fishman Loudbox Artist for and amplifier live.  I do have Floorboard set up, but I don't take my computer to live performances, I am very small time.  I will try headphones to see if I get the same stacatto and look over the presets to see what is there. 


A few have inserted a dynamic compressor between GR-55 Output and their amplifier.

Numerous options!

Its all about the users knowledge of using Compressors- but FMR RNC is a good one

And if you need stereo or mono ?

Carl Martin, MXR Bass Compressor, are popular

Another option is a gently used Yamaha MG-10XU mixer, and use its built in Compressor channels , and have options for adding more instruments and USB Class Compliant USB  Audio for recording to any computer system

One reason I still enjoy my Roland Cube 80XL  its loud and smooth , oweing to its closed back 12" extended range speaker and 80 watt " tube like"  Class AB power amp - feed the rear Aux Input bypasses the preamp, and yeilds a great reproduction of the intended GR-55 tones 


Thank you so much for this helpful reply I will dig into you materials you suggest.  I Have a Zoom Live Trak 8 for my mixer so maybe there is something I can do there as well.  Bill

Brent Flash


In the GR-55 PCM tone "Filter" page,
adjust the TVA "Attack" setting up to increase the ramp up time for the start of the note.
adjust the TVA "Release" setting up to increase the time it takes for the note to finish after you have stopped picking/strumming.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


PCM  Tone Velocity curve type  range 1-7  has different attack and decay curves displayed on page 25 :

The effect varies with each PCM #

All the PCM controls are on pages 25 - 27 for reference.