Ikea sells a perfect half-rack enclosure

Started by pasha811, March 02, 2024, 09:25:57 AM

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I have found a new house for my JV1010 (Half-Rack) Unit.
For 13 Euros now I have more space on top of the unit to place my Audio card.


Just sharing for those owning and playing old half-rack units (GI-20 is one of those)

Happy Ikea Hacking!
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Updates just to include all of you that have a GKC-DA or a GKC-AD and some measurements. Keep in mind that the width is a perfect half-rack while the height has some spare millimeters to let air inflow.
For a temporary storage the lower area between the stands can also accommodate an RC-1 Looper and a Hall of Fame 2!  8)

Today it will be painted black. I'll post photos when installed.

Ikea (lower area between stands)
Width : 220 mm
Height : 60 mm
Depth : 220 mm

Width 115 mm 4-17/32 inches
Depth 92 mm 3-5/8 inches
Height 36 mm 1-7/16 inches

Width 218 mm 8-5/8 inches
Depth 237 mm 9-3/8 inches
Height 44 mm 1-3/4 inches

Height: 1 13/16" - 45mm
Width: 8 5/8" - 218mm
Depth: 9 3/8" - 237mm

Have a good day! :)
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Now in black:

Painted Black

And installed :

In the 'studio'

Now that I see how it fits I imagine having some and build a stack of them..  ;) I need more hardware though...
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