Fender just blew my socks off! Form a diehard Roland user! Maybe new firmware??

Started by Gassghost, March 01, 2024, 01:02:03 PM

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Hello all,
Great story here. I'll keep it short. But a huge tip of the hat to Fender Customer Support!!! Bought a used GTX100 on one of the marketplace-type sites. Been an avid Rolond user forever, GR synths, VG-99, GT multi effects, JC amps, boss pedals all the good stuff! Picked up the amp, brought it home (hoping it didn't have the well-discussed issues... prior owner said nahhh it's cool), and well... it did have the typical issues with dropouts and wifi issues. Contacted Fender and explained my issues only looking for some suggestions from the manufacturer after scrubbing the forums and such for answers. After some conversation, a warranty claim was issued and.... They sent me a brand-new amp! Whooly Crap! Actually didn't believe it until I got a tracking number and it showed up at my house...and it did. Opened the box plugged it in and... The firmware version is 3.0.116! I haven't seen anything about this update anywhere. I asked my very awesome Fender CSR if he had any idea of what enhancements were included in the firmware update but he didn't have any info. So... Perhapes new amps are shipping with a new firmware update @ 3.0.116 and it's quite possibly not available for popular consumption yet. Possibly good news coming for all GTX owners! Hat's off to Fender!!! This type of thing NEVER happens to me! Definitely thanking my lucky stars and Fender for the great support of their product...at least in my case!
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Only other reference for Mustang GTX Firmware 3.0.116

Quotehave a GTX50 with firmware version 3.0.116.

Fwiw, Fender told me that this firmware version was released due to a change in parts suppliers for the amp. They said there were no other changes, and that newer amps with this different part have the firmware version, but other amps will not get this version if you try a firmware update.

Its a great turn of events, driven by the release of the new Fender ToneMaster Pro Floor MFX-

Numerous folks had drop out issues with Mustang GT/GTX, ( except me , mine all still work fine )

It became a hurdle for many stores to recommend  any Fender DSP product. Because many Mustang GTX owners with problems on an 18 month old amp were left out in the cold with most Fender Authorized Service Centers refusing to work on them .

Its a case by case basis,  but always contact Fender Customer support first if you experience any problems with your Mustang GTX

So far it seems older Mustang GT owners with problems are still out of luck, and certainly the earlier Mustang I,II,III,IV,V, Mini, G-DEC, BRONCO DSP, users are a decade expired for obtaining service.
Quote from: Elantric on January 31, 2024, 12:01:20 PMFender's policy in January  2024 is to officially provide Service Repair for any Mustang GTX owner experiencing Audio drop outs - contact Fender Customer Service if you have any problems with your Mustang GTX and obtain service