GT-1000 Core in front of a Vox AC15C1

Started by jde, February 28, 2024, 07:46:42 PM

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I just received my GT-1000Core and my initial plan was to place my existing pedals in the FX loops of the unit and send the output of the unit to the front of my current amp a Vox AC15C1. This amp has a master volume, but no FX loop, so I was planning to lower the drive to make it as clean as possible and just play with the master volume. With a guitar directly in the amp, I can get really nice cleans at the right volume for me (in a house, ~70-85dB max).

I have tried all kinds of output types in the GT1000 (I was hoping the "AC30 INPUT" or the "1x12 INPUT" would be good), but the sound is just very harsh (ear piercing treeble, almost no bass), lots of hiss as soon as I engage any amp in the chain. If I lower the volume of the patches, the hiss is less intense, but the sound remains harsh and nothing like what I hear with a powered speaker (which sounds amazing !).

If I only enable the FX loop of the unit and match the volume of what I would get if I was plugged directly into my amp, I can't tell the difference if the GT1000 is there or not, it's really only when I enable an amp that it starts to sounds really bad.

So now I am torn, I love my Vox but at the same time, I love the sounds/amps and flexibility of the GT1000...

So I have 2 questions for this community:
- does someone have experience with plugging this unit into the front of this kind of amp ? any tips to make it sound good ?
- has someone here switched from a real tube amp to something like a Fender FR-12 ? any regrets ?

I mostly play classic rock, blues, usually edge of breakup kind of sound. Mostly playing alone at home with a looper/drum pedal, but I have small gigs once in a while.

Thank you !


I have all the gear and vintage tube amps to test every combination of amplification of DSP Guitar FX Modellers

In my experience and ears, feeding output of a DSP MFX Amp /cab modeller into the front Guitar Input of a genuine tube guitar amp is among the worst tones ive experienced

At opposite is feeding output of DSP MFX Amp /cab modeller into FOH Main PA without a sound man , the worst sounding local bands are those that never use a backline amplification system, instead just feed the output of their Helix into the main PA, but without a soundman the guitar can overwhelm the vocals, and with the wrong " too bright" IR Cab sim, the harsh brittle guitar tone emerging from the stage  tends for the band to not obtain return bookings.

The best sound I achieve with my DSP MFX Amp /cab modeller is feeding a pair of QSC K10.2 , placed on short stands behind me, or side fill pointing towards the rest of the band while the built in XLR DI output on the QSC K10 2 feeds the PA.

Much time is spent on final output stage EQ to duplicate a guitar Speaker bandwith - low freq cut at 80 hz, high freq cut above 6.5kHz

Amplification recommendations for DSP Guitar Modeling systems


I use a GT1000 Core and an AC15C1. I turn off any amp/speaker modelling with this setup and use effects as if I am using separate effects pedals. I set master output to "Recording" and turn down master output to reduce hiss. It seems that reducing the input and output volume of the Send/Return loops helps with reducing hiss in that signal path as well. I have a Analogman Prince of Tone and a Timmy running through the 2 S/R sections.
When I am practicing guitar at home, using headphones, I turn on an amp block. The "Natural" and "X-crunch" amps are my favorites for headphone use.
VG/synth gear:
Fishman Tripleplay Connect, GK-2,GK-3,GK-5,GP-10, GT1000 Core, SY-1000, GM-800, Morningstar MC8, iPad with AUM and AUV3 plugins.

Brent Flash


Thank you Elantric, that confirms my thinking that amp modelers have no place to be in front of a tube amp like that, even if we disable the cab simulation. And I took note of the reference for proper speakers to use on stage. It's interesting to see that those and the ones in the other post are not just FRFR, I didn't consider that.

And thank you dfalck, it's nice to hear from someone with the same gear ! I arrived at the same conclusion, if I want to keep using my Vox, the GT needs to just be doing effect pedals and with the output low enough it's completely transparent in my chain. When I want to play with other amps/cabs and for recording, it will be through headphones/monitors. I'm a bit disappointed to not be able to do all through my amp as I hoped, but that makes sense, this amp certainly has a lot of colour, so I will use it for it does best.

I am still unsure about what I will do for gigs, but it's in a couple months, I have time to experiment and see what I prefer, and if I decide on using the GT, I will design my patches on my monitors, rent a good speaker for the stage and follow Elantric advice for the PA.

Thank you all !