Difference between VG-8, VG-8 Extended & VG-8EX

Started by retnev, February 26, 2024, 08:29:14 PM

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What are the differences between VG-8, VG-8 Extended ( VG8S-1) & VG-8EX  ?
In particular I dont know where the "Extended" version (printed on the front in orange letters) fit in or why it is different.

As an example:
"VG-8 OS Version 1.04 (PC) (253K)
This compressed file contains .mid files used to update the VG-8 to System Version 1.04. Besides a few minor bug fixes, this update decreases the time it takes to switch between patches. This update is not necessary if you already have the VG8S-1 System Expansion. "

Is this the only difference between VG-8 and VG8S-1 ?