Sub-Out and Main Out per Patch?

Started by paulreed 123, February 25, 2024, 12:48:21 AM

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paulreed 123

Hello everyone. Can you also control the sub-out and main out via patch, or is that only possible globally? MFG Acki


Sub and Main levels are globaL, so no per patch control, only for master patch level.
There are work arounds, try placing the FV1 + SUB and FV2 + MAIN blocks on each side of the divider, and set the FV1 FV2 per patch.
FV1 & 2 could be substituted with EQ level or FX level.

The alternative is to use an external midi command controller/midi event filter device to receive patch change numbers and have each user patch allocate a system exclusive commands to control the global sub and main levels per patch.
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paulreed 123

Thanks. I'll try that. It's actually a shame that this can't be adjusted via patch.