Mix of source direct and patch volumes

Started by buigui, February 24, 2024, 09:30:59 AM

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Is it possible to set the patch and direct source volumes separately? For example:
- direct source vol 100%and patch vol 0%
- source direct vol 0% and patch vol 100%
- source direct vol 50% and patch vol 50%?
Thanks for your answers.


I don't understand what you mean by "direct source".
If you mean aux in , you can not set the volume of that input.
You'd have to do that on whatever you're putting into aux.
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Mix of dry (un-effected) guitar with the effect signal ? (dry/wet)
No, the GT-1 does not do this, but the Bass version (GT-1B) does do this.

Most of the GT-1B effects have a "Direct Mix" setting.
The GT-1B also has a few good guitar based preamps in there too., so could be a useful alternative to the GT-1 if you require mix/blend of dry guitar.
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