Gumtown's Cathedral and Orchestral patch (first one)

Started by gumtown, February 22, 2024, 10:43:18 PM

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Here is my first shared patch, It uses 4 parts, in my rig parts 1 & 2 are played by GK instrument and parts 3 & 4 are played by midi controller.
CTRL1 changes the Octave +/-1 and CTRL2 changes the tone from a Cathedral type organ tone to an Orchestral pad + violin tone on all 4 parts.
CTRL2 also switches the EQ on/off for parts 3 & 4, with a slight boost.
CC#80 comes from my SY-1000 Expression pedal to control the part 1 & 2  mix, heel 0% > toe 100%
The default SY-1000 cc# was 11 (or was it 7 ?) = patch midi volume, but it was having an undesirable effect on the GM-800 so changed it to cc#80.

Guess the song (I won't mention, but it's on my band setlist) it is used for,
 by playing C B A A# F G (intro with CTL2 off and part midway through verse2 with CTL2 on)

Made for bass, but should translate to guitar just the same.

On reflection I now realize I should have used "tape strings" in the patch,
Oh well... version 2 coming soon !!
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