Started by BROCKSTAR, February 22, 2024, 10:53:30 AM

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So I regret letting my other kiesel zeus go last summer and never had the chance to check if a gk pickup would fit on it etc.. etc..

So I got me a new kiesel zeus and it just came in today and loving it as well and looks like enough space to fit my gk-5 on it.
Will have to remove it from my PRS and put it on the Zeus sometime. I'm worried about the raw tone satin finish on the zeus though.

Good thing about the new gk-5 is the smaller form factor where you plug the cable in, should work better than gk-2 or gk-3 system somewhere.

However has anyone ever seen a gk pickup on a kiesel zeus? I haven't been able to find any pics of one.


Ok added gk-5 guitar synth pickup on my kiesel zeus. Put the connecting part on the back plate so it wasn't on front of the body for more of a sleek look!


Brock, That is some sexy kit right there and tones are from an aggregate we hope to find out about some day. But yeah man your tones are so advanced and my best description is 'mature' as in a tenth generation French Chef with an objective to capture his decade long rulers Queen. And you are digging flags and working on interior appointments.