Question about Power Soak on GT100

Started by legbuh, February 19, 2024, 06:44:23 AM

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Is it possible to use the GT100 as a power soak/attenuator? 

I have a Fender Blues Deluxe amp that I really can't put past 2 on the volume.  But if I turn down the output knob on the GT100 I can crank up the volume on the amp.  Is this "pushing it" or not?  The tone is different for sure.

Or may there is a better way to do it... or this is bad for the amp.  :)  TIA!


No, the GT-100 does not accomodate direct connection to third party Speaker Outputs- in fact that scenario would damage the GT-100 and the Tube Amplifier

If you require more overdrive tone at lower volume, feed the Guitar into GT-100 Guitar Input, and set GT-100 OUTPUT MODE  to Combo Return , and feed GT-100 Left/Mono output into Blues Deluxe Power Amp Input jack . Adjust output levels with the GT-100 Output Level knob

Brent Flash


A power soak/attenuator is a device which connects to the speaker output and converts many output watts into heat, basically something like a large 100 watt power resistor and heatsink.
Its purpose is to allow the amplifier to work at full power and full drive, while delivering a reduced volume output to the speaker.

The GT-100 is not capable of dissipating output power into heat.

What you are looking at is gain structuring your signal, by having a modeled "driving amp" while only passing through a low level input signal to your guitar amp.
The GT-100 can do that well, although you might want to also look into a power soak unit if the amp volume has to be so low.
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