GK-3 string volume problem but gets fixed upon restarting GP-10

Started by kdakan, February 16, 2024, 06:50:33 AM

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Hi, I've recently bought the GP-10 with the GK-3 pickup. When I leave the guitar away, but still connected to the unit with the 13 pin cable, for a few minutes long and then start playing again, frequently one or two strings drop in volume. However, when I turn off and turn on the GP-10, the volume problem goes away. Has anybody experienced a similar issue? What could be the problem? I'm using it connected to a macbook with catalina os and using the tone studio, using GP-10 as my input and output audio device on the mac. Thanks in advance for any insight


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Quote from: Elantric on February 16, 2024, 07:41:34 AMClean your GK 13 cable plugs

Thanks I'll be looking at that topic, seems there's a lot going with the cable. I had used gk-2a with a VG-88 v2 in the past and never had issues though, and the issue goes away only by restarting the GP-10, so is it really about the GK-3 or the GP-10 I'm not sure. But it's also time related, so there might be something due to capacitors or capacitance of the GK-3 parts, including the cable.


GK Volume is effected by passing a Control Voltage down Pin-8, and then having this 'read' by (in your case) the GP-10.

For this to happen accurately, there has to absolutely minimal resistance in that circuit AND ALSO the circuits supplying the initial voltage FROM the GP-10 TO the GK-3 mainboard via Pins 12, 13, and the Ground connection...which BTW, is carried SOLELY by the outer shell of your jackplugs that are plugged into both the GP-10 and the GK-3.

Any amount of otherwise-present cr@p on the pins of the 13-pin jackplugs on either/both ends of your 13-pin cable can affect the actual voltages being supplied (and subsequently READ) by your GP-10...this can have the effect of transmitting erroneous signals, and in the case of Pin-8, give incorrect messages to your GP-10 regarding GK Volume.

A similar symptom can also be experienced if the contact points in the 13-pin Roland jack in your GK-3 or GP-10 are dirty..and in the case of Roland Jacks, the single contact that mates with the side of the jackplug shell, carrying the Ground circuit.

If a (generally) satisfactory signal is able to be passed through the system while microscopic movements are constantly experienced as you move the guitar while playing, it may be that such movements are enough to keep the whole show on the road....while if you stick the guitar on the stand and leave it there for a while, things go to cr@p again simply due to LACK of the otherwise microscopic constant movements...

Cleaning the cable's jackplugs and subsequently the 13-pin Roland jacks just may be enough to sort this issue without having to also replace the jacks themselves with ones that do not suffer from such issues on the Ground contacts, like those made by someone on this Forum who I have known now for more than 75 years.

Remember that the signals that go through these Jacks and Jackplugs are VERY small in comparison to what we have traditionally been used to in the World of 'normal' 1/4" regular guitar cables, and it does not take a lot of cr@p to make a big difference to the way everything works.

YMMV, but Elantric's post is all about telling you where to start diagnosing the problem, without paying someone megabux to crawl through all your electronics...the cable is always the first thing to check.

Hope this helps you to understand your system.


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