Need help attaching EV1-WL to SY1000

Started by mchretien, February 06, 2024, 12:32:20 AM

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Hi all,

I feel really stupid, but I can't get the above to work properly via trs/midi cable and CC# assignments.

I have a test patch with a wah in FX1. FX1 on/off assigned to CC#82, FX1 wah pedal position assigned to CC#1.

Rocking the pedal moves the pedal position allright, but it also switches the effect on and off, every time it passes 50 (from 0).

I must be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for your replies!

Kind regards,
Marcel Chretien



In the EV-1-WL app, check exp switch is set to cc#82
And check both exp on and exp off are set to cc#1.
Exp off is active when exp switch is off,
And when the exp switch is "on", "exp on" is the active pedal cc#.
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Thanks for your reply Gumtown.
I changed exp(off) from cc#11 to cc#1 in the ev1 app. The exp sw was already cc#82.
Still had the same erratic behavior, until I changed the cc#82 from toggle to momentary. Don't really understand this, but hey, eureka,
Thanks again,


This came up a couple years ago, and I think this response from tech support covers it well:

On the SY-1000, if in doubt, seize the MOMENT



I played around with the exp off and on settings some more. Setting exp off to cc#11 allows me to control one other parameter with the exp pedal, when the exp switch is off. For example, I set the pedal with exp on to control wah, and pedal with exp off to control volume.