General shout-out and a share.

Started by RSKruse, February 04, 2024, 09:58:39 PM

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First off, to the moderators and fellow members....Thanks much. I've found a lot of great things in here and am looking forward to when I'll be of some proper use.
Right now (3 weeks since I got the SY1K and GK3) I am in the midst of getting a fully battery operated and small footprint busking setup together! Just about finished sorting out the ol Sy1K with regards to levels and mixing. I might even do a video on the process. It's great how you can get better and be creative by accident just in the set-up process. I can hardly believe how excited I was getting, over having figured out how to route my "Bass" patches to the same place. Snyth Bass (Internally Routed sub left) and EUB routed (though looper) into a Roland BA-330 with the "Drums" (Beatbuddy). Everything but the aforementioned goes (Internally Routed Main left) through the areos and into it's own amp.
Being that I've a loud voice I could sing sans PA, if I so wished. Anyhow......
Hopefully sharing was indeed found by ya'll to be caring.
Later gators!! Yay music and stuff!!