Using External Pedal Loop with GT-1000

Started by gboss1000br, February 04, 2024, 08:44:28 AM

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Hi everyone, basic question probably but as I've never tried this one, I would like to check if someone can advise how to connect a external pedal loop station (RC for example ) with a GT-1000(it can be any effect anyway).

what would be the ideal, connect it as connecting it when using analog pedals(series) or connect it in the FX send-return?

Thanks for any help.


While playing with headphones and in case of using a Boss RC without a headphone output, you need to connect the looper via the send/return. The disadvantage here is the missing influence of the AIRD output selection to your looper sound.

If you use a Boss RC 600 which has got a headphone output, you can connect the GT1000s mainout to an instrument in and use the headphone output of the RC 600.

In case, you don´t need a headphone output or you link the output of the looper to a headphone amp you can connect any looper to the mainout of your GT1000


Hi, thanks for that, In my case I don't need phone output, it's more about how to connect in the right way the RC loop for practicing mainly. even consider gt-1xxx has a basic looper, the RC is better at least in my view to study but I was not so sure regarding the right way to connect it.

IN my case I'm using the 4cm method, so I believe even that, I need to connect it in the output of my gt-1000? Or in that case is different?


Guitar -> GT1000 Guitar In -> all GT1000 FXs in front of your Amp -> GT 1000 Send -> Guitar Amp input -> Guitar Amp Preamp section -> Guitar Amp send -> GT 1000 Return -> all GT 1000 FXs behind Guitar Amp Preamp -> GT 1000 Main out -> Looper In -> Looper Out -> Guitar amp return -> Guitar Amp power Amp section -> Speaker