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Started by 2ManyGuitars, February 02, 2024, 02:12:44 PM

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a Roland VGA-7 along with an original GK-Kit-G still in the box (GK-2A-Kit) from the origin owner. I found this for sale locally at about half the price of a used JC-120 and figured that I couldn't go wrong. Especially after seeing a demo video of the guitar sampling modes on the VGA-7,  I was convinced that it was a

I have no intentions of dragging that beast around though.

I am mainly interested in setting up a guitar with the GK2 pickup. I have a few Strat, Tele and Super Strat bodies, necks and other parts around here to build up something decent. I will be lurking on a few build threads and asking some noob questions ... so I am thanking you all in advance!

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group  2ManyGuitars!  :)


You will need to choose a guitar which allows the GK pickup to sit next to the bridge and fit under the strings with a minimal gap.

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