GK-5 pickup with GP-10

Started by Charles Beatty, January 26, 2024, 06:55:13 AM

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Charles Beatty

I apologize for the cross-post.

A little background.  I currently use a JTV Variax for solo/duo gigs - primarily for the acoustic sounds and alternate tunings.

It looks like Line 6 is discontinuing the Variax and I'm starting to think about moving on to the GP-10 for modeled guitar with open tunings. 

I never liked the older GK system because of the bulky cable. 

My question is - what would be needed to connect the GK-5 to the GP-10?

Thanks in advance!


boss gkc-da + serial cable and 13 pin cable + a normal PU cable
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Just note that with the current available GK-5 features, normal pickups are not carried, only the hexa-phonic pickup and no on-guitar controls.

I am hoping Boss will soon release a new internal kit (GK-6 ?) pickup which can carry normal pickup, GK-Volume, S1/S2 switches, and guitar/both/synth mix switch (or even better, a blend knob).
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