New Member, GT-5 Patch help?

Started by Timbanditos, January 24, 2024, 09:48:39 AM

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Hey folks, new member here as I just got a GT-5 (couple years late to the party). I'm playing an Epiphone version of the E335 and looking for new patches to get some new tones. I noted some for sale online, but also read those were ripped off from this sight so I did not want to give them any money. I have the pre-set patches the model came with but am looking for more usable patches for current day music. I read about the newer operating versions but don't know much about them and how to tell if mine was already updated or if it's the older version, any tips on identifying that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any guidance


Brent Flash

Welcome to the group Timbanditos!  :)

Brent Flash


The last GT-5 firmware was 1.07, it might flash that number in the display at power up.
The firmware was updated by a replacement ePROM chip (still found on eBay).

The GT-5FxFloorBoard editor has quite a few patch files within
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from