MIDI Guitar 3 is coming soon and it looks... very good

Started by pasha811, January 24, 2024, 12:16:38 AM

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The demo looks very cool, MPE/Mono mode style per string pitch bends. !!

Now if this could be built into a hardware compact pedal, it would dominate Fishman TriplePlay for live use.
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What's interesting is that many look at MG2 / MG3 and overlook the presence of Deep Expressor (MG2) that resembles HRM techniques with a twist.. (the incoming non-notes MIDI data is used to deliver expression). It was said that MG3 will be free for MG2 owners (I am) and the two things will be split and sold as single items.
In any case I encourage you to try MG2 in its fullness by testing Deep Expressor patches as well. Lately I have recorded a solo using it and it was very organic (no G2M involved) and similar to a couple of patches I have on my VG99. Very interesting.
My take is that for bedroom guitarists relying on software apps will become the norm while live performing guitarists will be using hardware boxes (that BTW are dedicated computers with a software running inside...)     
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Will the software handle hex processing each string natively rather than using individual plugins?  I don't know if I'm saying this correctly, but in the video using a GP-10 with six strips assigned in Ableton was pretty amazing, but you need to assign each separately separately in the DAW.


I recall seeing requests for hex support in the past. I could be wrong, but I vaguely recall the developer addressing it as a possible inclusion with MG3.

I'm also very interested in this software. I've been waiting for it for years. I picked up MG2 in mid 2015 and it has become an indispensable but highly specific and idiosyncratic tool in my kit.
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