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Started by gumtown, January 22, 2024, 05:35:36 PM

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That didn't take long, ordered from Japan on eBay, 7 days later I have a GKC-AD in my hands.
A quick tweaky twist with some pliers to change the DC adapter from Japan/US straight pins to AUS/NZ 30 degree offset,
plug the converter in, make it lights up,
then stripped it down..... Mwuuuuaahhahaha !!

So here is the insides of the GKC-AD.

While looking at that, an overwhelming idea popped into my head.
I though everything is on this board to make use as an internal kit including S1/S2 GK-Vol and mix switching signals.
Wouldn't that be interesting.

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Here is my idea if a GK serial internal kit were available (or using a GK-3-Kit + GKC-AD board).

This would be the ultimate GK-Kit design ->>>

Uses only the one Jack for either normal pickup or GK Serial,
 a miniature relay is used where it is powered from the TRS ring should a GK Serial supply be present and switch the internal GK Serial kit to the jack.

With the absence of GK Serial power from the TRS plug, and a normal TS guitar cable used, the relay drops out to the un-powered state where the GK Serial output is disconnected and the Normal pickup switches over to the TS (tip/shield) pins of the jack so as the guitar can be used as a regular normal pickup standard guitar.

(This would all be contained within the guitar as a complete GK-5-Kit)
Note: I have drawn the Tip and Ring transposed, but you get the general idea.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/


Place the powered GKC-AD open board near your passive pickups with vol on 10 feeding an amplifier at stage volume to experience the hurdles